Welcome to the Southwark and Deptford Circuit.


A Circuit is the name given to a group of Methodist Churches working together in a given area. There are seven churches across the Borough including Deptford that sits right on the border of Greenwich and Lewisham. The Circuit works in teams with Revds David Markay and Paul Weary sharing responsibility for the work at Walworth Road, Christ Church, East Dulwich and Herne Hill. Two of those churches are Methodist and URC (United Reformed Church) which means that both traditions are expressed in their worship and mission.

Revds David Gillman and Robert Mpanduki work at Deptford and Bermondsey, Peckham and Manor (South Bermondsey). There is distinctive work that goes on in each community – the advantage of working as a Circuit is that we can work together, share good practice and respond to needs that are bigger than any one church. Similarly, we are part of the Methodist London District and often work across London in young people’s and women’s activities.

There is a rich history both in the lives of each of the churches and the areas we serve. We recognise that we are not working on our own – churches of all denominations work together and we partner with other voluntary bodies in projects that benefit the community.

As London continues to develop we are aware that for all its affluence and opportunity there are other stories that need to be heard, genuine voices that must not be silenced by the noise of the city or excluded from what it means to be God’s people. I hope that you will see evidence on these pages of how we are seeking to be a church that is faithful to its calling and in touch with the community around.

We remember in our prayers regularly the local networks of people around us and are committed to the wider vision of peace and justice wherever it takes us.


David Gillman Superintendent Minister.