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1   Link   Bermondsey Central Hall
BCH, as it is affectionately known, is on the corner of Bermondsey Street and Decima Street in south-east London. It has been there since September 1900. Part of the Southwark and Deptford Circuit of the Methodist Church, BCH is a welcoming family church with over 250 adult members and a youth group of around 50.
2   Link   Christ Church East Dulwich
We are a combined Methodist and United Reformed Church in East Dulwich (Barry Road, just off Lordship Lane). Our 11am morning service is the main service of the day and is family friendly. We occasionaly meet in the evenings at 6.30pm. See services for details of preachers.
3   Link   Deptford Methodist Mission
Deptford Methodist Church is part of the Southwark and Deptford Circuit along with Bermondsey Central Hall, Christ Church Dulwich, Herne Hill United Church, Manor Church, Peckham Church and Walworth Methodist Church.
4   Link   Herne Hill United Church
An ecumenical United Reformed/Methodist Church serving the communities of Herne Hill, Dulwich and the surrounding area.
We seek to understand and follow the teachings of Jesus: showing God's love for all people, making everyone welcome, and offering friendship and care.
5   Link   Manor Methodist Church
We're not what the world would call big or large. In fact we're a small church and we love it. We love the companionship, the intimacy, the loyalty, the simplicity, and every opportunity that small churches offer. Care about any of those? Welcome home!

Feel free to tour our home. If you need anything please ask.

Our Sunday worship start from 10.30am till about 12.00 noon. Worship is usually led by a Minister or accredited local preacher. There's usually a Sunday school during these hours.
6   Link   Walworth Methodist Church
We give thanks that today, at the beginning of the 21st century, the church has a larger membership than at any time in its history - over 500 members on the roll, and congregations in our two services averaging over 350 each week.

Over 95% of our membership is black, with the largest number coming from West African families, and the worldwide dimension of the Christian family is always evident in our worship and our weekly programme.