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Deptford Methodist MissionDeptford Methodist Church is part of the Southwark and Deptford Circuit along with Bermondsey Central Hall, Christ Church Dulwich, Herne Hill United Church, Manor Church, Peckham Church and Walworth Methodist Church.

Our main Sunday service begins at 10.30am and is normally led by our Minister and Lay Worker, who take it in turns to preach and lead.

Our services are quite lively with a mixture of contemporary modern praise songs and traditional hymns. We have a growing Junior Church who frequently challenge us with what they have learnt, and there is plenty of time for interaction in our services during Family Time. We encourage members of our congregation to share about their live and to witness to what God is doing in them.

Deptford Central Hall was built on slum clearence land in 1903. It was deliberately designed so that it didn't look too church like to attract people into the building who might be put off by a traditional church. When it opened it had a membership of 221, which grew to 1646 by 1908.

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The mission always had a deep concern for the poverty in the neighbourhood which arose from the intermittent employment opportunities at the local docks. The mission sought to meet the needs of families through soup kitchens, breakfasts for children, distributions of used clothing and even a fund to enable children to go to the seaside.

From the 1920's the Mission had a concern for disabled and elderly people, reflected in what was then called "The Cripples Guild" and the "Cosy Corner" drop in, and what we now call the DPC.

The church was bombed in 1940 and the entire west side of the building was destroyed, including the original worship space and the tower. Planning the rebuilding took a long time, but the Mission as it is now opened in 1956, with a renewed energy for it's work in the community.

The Mission celebrated its centenary in 2003.


The Mission has always been concerned with the local community, especial its most vulnerable members and this concern is still seen today through the work we are involved with.

The DPC is still going strong, with growing numbers on our Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday club days and the Monday club, and lots of opportunities for volunteers. The church no longer boasts thousands of members, but has a primarily West African congregation of around 50 people each week and numbers are steadily growing.

Though we are no longer able to offer the extensive community services that the Mission offered in its heyday, we still see ourselves as primarily looking out to the needs of Deptford, and as such rent out alot of the space in the building to community groups. These groups all operate with the wellfare of local people as their primary concern and so the original work of the mission continues, albeit in different forms.

In 2008 Deptford Methodist Church became a part of the Southwark and Deptford Circuit.


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Church: 020 8692 0048

DPC: 020 8692 5599

Fax: 020 8692 1232


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This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Website: http://www.deptfordmethodistchurch.org.uk